COVID-19 Updates

We are so excited to come back and give you acupuncture again, and we are doing a lot to keep everyone as safe as we can. Like most places, we have had to make changes because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a summary:

1. Masks: everyone in the clinic needs to wear a mask*, covering your mouth and nose at all times. This is a state law, as well as our clinic’s policy, and is for everyone’s safety. There can be no exceptions. *Masks must be 2+ layers of cotton, a 3-ply surgical mask, KN95 or N95 with no valve. Gaiters, bandanas, scarfs, and any mask with an exhale valve do not meet our safety criteria. If you do not have a mask that meets these criteria, we will provide a mask for you!

2. Screening: everyone will get a link in appointment reminder emails to screening questions about certain symptoms you might be experiencing. Please fill this out on the day of your appointment – it’s really easy to do online. If you do not fill it out before your appointment, we will call to ask you the screening questions. For new patients, a.k.a. First Visits, we ask people to schedule a virtual intake before coming in, so we can get most of the talking out of the way. Please stay home if you feel sick!

3. Waiting: please wait outside the clinic until your exact appointment time. If you need to come in to use the restroom, please wait in the waiting room for someone to give you the all clear, so we can manage foot traffic to maintain physical distancing. After your appointment, please leave as soon as you can.

4. Physical distancing: one person at a time, please. We have reduced the number of recliners available. They are all at least 6 feet apart. Please maintain 6 feet distance from others in the clinic whenever possible. Right now, we ask that you do not bring anyone else with you to the clinic, unless you need their assistance to access acupuncture. (In this case, please call, text, or email before your appointment to let us know!)

5. Hand hygiene: we will have hand sanitizer available for you to use as soon as you walk into the clinic, and also at the payment station. We are also adding a waste basket outside the restroom so that you can easily use a paper towel to open the door, and then discard in the trash. As always, acupuncturists wash or sanitize hands before and after every patient contact.

6. Payment:  pre-pay online when you can! If you need to use an HSA or FSA card, you will have to pay in the clinic. We also welcome checks or cash – just be sure to bring exact change and drop directly into the payment box with a note attached or using our new single-use envelope system.

7. BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket): we will be washing blankets after each and every person, which may result in an unsustainable amount of laundry. Please consider bringing your own blanket and/or sheet, pillows, etc. Hooks and chair handles are sanitized after each use.

8. Less Stuff/Cleaner Space: we’re sanitizing plastic storage bins after each use, and they are optional. Please do not bring a lot of things into the clinic if you can avoid it. If you need a larger bin, please let us know. We do have additional coat hooks available near the payment station.

9. Air Flow: we have two highly efficient HEPA air purifiers running in the treatment room as well as running a LifeBreath HRV system installed by our predecessor (a nail salon) to bring in more fresh air. Weather permitting, we will occasionally prop open the front door and back window – all to promote a safe air flow. This all means there may be more white noise in the clinic. Please plan ahead and bring your own earphones if you prefer.

10. No More Self-Serve: water and ear plugs will be available upon request, but we do ask that you step outside if you need to pull your mask down to drink water.

11. It’s still going to be great! We realize that this is a big list of changes. We all have to adapt to the new normal, and our first priority is the health and safety of our patients and staff. The good news is that our mission to provide a peaceful healing place for everyone remains the same. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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