Other Offerings

Boston Acupuncture Project is proud to partner with other local non-profits, businesses, and governments to advance our mission: providing affordable and accessible acupuncture in a group setting, Chinese herbal medicine, and other forms of holistic healthcare. By offering relief from pain, stress, and isolation, we aim to contribute to the well-being of individual people, and the strength of our community as a whole.

Wellness Programs

  • Acupuncture can boost mood, regulate immune system, reduce pain from repetitive stress injury, and more.
  • Offer community acupuncture at BAP as a health/wellness benefit for a specific group of clients or employees; you pay only for treatments used.
  • Purchase Gift Certificates in bulk.
  • Ask us for details! 617-506-3868

Private Rentals

  • Reserve the entire clinic space for your party
  • Relaxation acupuncture treatments for up to 8 people per hour
  • Customized acupuncture treatments for up to 6 people per hour
  • Book online or get in touch: 617-506-3868

Mobile community acupuncture

  • Outdoors or indoor set-up
  • Community acupuncture for up to 8 people per hour
  • Ear acupuncture or seeds (acupressure) for up to 12 people per hour
  • Addition to end of yoga classes – relaxing points on the ears and forehead
  • Customized for your space and your people – let’s chat if you’re interested! 617-506-3868
Two people in recliners enjoying an acupuncture treatment at a City of Boston event.

The gift of acupuncture to the team at Exodus offered care and consolation at a time when we couldn’t give it to ourselves. Ren was courteous, and established a warm welcoming atmosphere that transformed our breakroom into a space of therapeutic calm and relief. For myself, I didn’t know how much I needed it and others reported deep relief and gratitude for this level of care. We look forward to next time!

Priscilla, Owner of Exodus Bagels in Roslindale, MA | Fall 2023
Imag with text headline When You Pay and images of three bottles. First bottle is full of the color green and labeled $265 plus. Helps us keep the low end at $125, save, grow. Second bottle is filled up halfway and labeled $195. Sustainer rate - keeps BAP going! Third bottle is labeled $124. Makes it possible for more people to get acupuncture.
Image of 3 bottles. On far left a full bottle says: 
We are a successful for-profit enterprise or are funded by a generous foundation. We have a cushion of savings, an endowment, or similar. Our employees/equivalent are comfortably able to meet all their basic needs*. 

Middle bottle, half full, says: We are a small business or mid-size non-profit. We have a healthy cash flow, though things can get tight sometimes. Our volunteers/employees may stress about meeting basic needs* but generally can do it.

On far right a barely filled bottle says: We are a grassroots community group made up of volunteers, or a small non-profit with low wage employees.

Our volunteers/employees frequently stress about meeting basic needs* and can't always make it happen.

Everything we do must be free or very cheap.

*basic needs = food, housing, transportation

This guide is based on The Green Bottle by Alexis J. Cunningfolk, WortsAndCunning.com

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