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Oren “Ren” Pilinger, executive directoracupuncturist Ren smiles against wood background

Ren is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist who has lived in the greater Boston area since 2006. In his words: “I came to acupuncture as a patient who could not afford treatment until I found a community acupuncture clinic. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine made such a big difference for my health that I wanted to help other people the same way. So I went to the New England School of Acupuncture (NESA) and earned a Master’s Degree to be able to get licensed to practice this medicine. My dream has been to start a non-profit POCA clinic in Boston, with a collaborative management structure. I love doing this work and want to help make acupuncture, herbs, and all types of holistic health care more available to more people.”

Nicole Brown, substitute acupuncturist

Nicole Brown portrait by Malka Ahmed Photography. Smiling woman leans against brick wall with hand on hip.

Nicole Brown is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in private practice at Inner Sage Boston Acupuncture & Wellness, LLC. She earned her Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture (NESA) in 2008. Nicole also has extensive training in nutrition and functional medicine. She specializes in women’s health issues, fertility, hormones, and stress-related conditions.

With her multicultural upbringing and background in psychology, Nicole has a unique perspective on health and healing focused on mind/body root cause and solutions. Nicole combines conventional and holistic approaches, educating and empowering patients to achieve lasting health and wellness. Book with Nicole now!

Andrew Cheever, substitute acupuncturist

Andrew Cheever is a licensed acupuncturist practicing mainly at Open Space Community Acupuncture in Somerville, MA and Acupuncture Together in Medford, MA. Andrew is a master practitioner and teacher of the Korean martial art, Soo Bahk Do. He earned his Acupuncture Master’s Degree from the Tri-State Acupuncture College (2011). Andrew began practicing Soo Bahk Do in 1989 and earned his master rank in 2005. Andrew practiced acupuncture at the New York Presbyterian Hospital’s pediatric oncology ward and as a detox acupuncturist for Fenway Community Health in Boston. He has experience working with individuals with physical, cognitive and social disabilities. Andrew is a POCA member and supporter of Boston Acupuncture Project, who will be occasionally covering for Ren. Book with Andrew now!

Board of Directors

Bradley U. Dimunah, Director and Treasurer
Brad has been a clinical research assistant, EMT, and founding Board Member of the Vital Healing Project in Boston. He is currently pursuing an education in medicine. In his words:

“The Vital Healing project’s mission is to de-stigmatize mental health issues all while connecting under/un-insured community residents with seasoned healthcare professionals. After hearing about the scaled pricing to meet the needs of the community, and how POCA is already changing lives all around the country, I am inspired and excited to work with the Boston Acupuncture Project. I believe the goals of both nonprofits are aligned and can better serve the communities within Boston by working together

I have extensive experience in a clinical setting as an emergency medical technician and a volunteer with EMS Academy in Quincy, MA. My desire is to actively take part in changing the way our community impacts the lives of those afflicted with maladies both apparent and inconspicuous.”

LaTeisha “Tj” Johnson, Director
Born and raised in Boston, Tj earned her Masters in Acupuncture degree from the New England School of Acupuncture at MCPHS University and her B.A. in Counseling and Health Psychology at Emmanuel College. She has over 10 years of experience in client care coordination and management, including at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, FlexPlus Physical Therapy, ATI Physical Therapy, and Boston Public Schools.

In her words: “Four years ago, I set out on this journey in Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture with one goal: to make it accessible to my community and effectively integrate it into preventative medicine. At the time I had no knowledge of the community acupuncture model. The only thing I knew was that this was a powerful medicine and a permanent answer to a biased medical system at the mercy of insurance conglomerates…and my community needed it.

We need a proactive and preventative medicine that is unbiased and free from merciless regulations that stifle our ability to provide the care that is needed. This is where Eastern Medicine comes in. The Boston Acupuncture Project is an opportunity to accomplish the goals set forth four years ago and bring the type of healing to communities who, for too long, have been without it and desperately need it.”

Steve Kingsbury, Director and Chair
Steve is an acupuncturist and active volunteer for People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA). He started Ashland Community Acupuncture, LLC in 2008 and took over ownership of MetroWest Community Acupuncture in 2014. He is fully committed to providing affordable health care to his local communities in metrowest Massachusetts. In his words:

“I am committed to POCA’s mission of making acupuncture more affordable and more accessible. Lending support to a new POCA clinic is a great way to help realize POCA’s mission and goals. I have 10 years of experience as a community acupuncturist and a POCA clinic owner.”

Julie Klunk Gillis, Director
Julie has  17 years of experience as a clinical psychologist and directs a PTSD clinic for the Veterans Health Administration. In her words:

“I love the community acupuncture model due to its accessibility to many more people than a more traditional boutique model of care. I have really benefited myself from acupuncture, and believe strongly that this should be an option for people from a range of backgrounds. I have felt welcomed and well cared for at BAP, and have recommended BAP to many of my friends and colleagues. I am excited to learn more about BAP by being on the board and finding ways to reach those who live in the community where BAP is located.”

Christine Rose, Director

Christine Rose is co-founder and owner of 4 Corners Yoga + Wellness in Dorchester and the founder and owner of Imani Massage in Jamaica Plain. Her professional career spans the food service industry, financial services, service-based businesses, and the not-for-profit sector, while her volunteering and community leadership have taken her from Big Sisters, to Hebrew Senior Life Nursing Home, to her current Board position at educational non-profit Abraham’s Tent.  Christine is an active member of and volunteer with the American Massage Therapy Association and the Dorchester Food Coop.

Christine now brings her entrepreneurial brilliance and passion for helping others to Boston Acupuncture Project!

In her words: “As a wellness practitioner, I believe in all complementary modalities to help affect change in the mind, body, and spirit. I also believe whole-heartedly in accessibility. I love that BAP is located in an adjacent neighborhood to me.”

Angela “Angie” Wolfrum, Director and Clerk
Angie is currently a student at the New England School of Acupuncture at MCPHS University, expecting her degree in May 2021. In her words: “As an acupuncture student, I’m learning again and again that healing is more than physical — it is social, environmental, political, emotional, and spiritual. Community Acupuncture was my first introduction to this practice and continues to support me in my imagining of a just world.”

Left to Right: Directors Steve Kingsburt, Shoba Narayana, LaTeisha "Tj" Johnson, Angela "Angie" Wolfrum. Front: Oren "Ren" Pilinger, acupuncturist and acting executive director.
Left to Right: Directors Steve Kingsbury, Shoba Narayana, LaTeisha “Tj” Johnson, Angie Wolfrum. Front: Oren “Ren” PIlinger, current staff acupuncturist and executive director. (Not pictured: Director Bradley Dimunah.)

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