Our sliding scale is $20 – $40 per treatment.*
*There is an extra $10 new patient paperwork fee for the first visit.

You decide what you can afford. 
No income verification. The choice is yours.

Acupuncture Only
$20-$40 sliding scale
+ $10 intake fee, first visit only

Acupuncture Plus Herbs
$20-$40 sliding scale
+ $10 intake fee, first visit only
+ cost of herbs (discuss with herbalist)

Herbal Only (available via tele-health)
$20-$40 first visit only
$10-$20 return visits
+ cost of herbs (discuss with herbalist)

Acu-Pressure Consult (available via tele-health)
for returning patients only 
$10-$20 sliding scale

Boston Acupuncture Project strives to make acupuncture affordable for you to come as often and for as long as needed in order to feel better!

We accept cash OR credit card payments.

This includes almost all Flex Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) cards – these can only be accepted in the clinic at the time of your visit.

You are welcome to pay in the clinic after your appointment. Regular credit cards can also be used when you make an appointment online, or you can click here to visit our online store directly.

If you are unable to pay on the sliding scale, please discuss this with your acupuncturist.