May Day Celebration 2024

Dee poses in front of the windows at Boston Acupuncture Project which she has painted with flowers and the words awaken, heal, energize, thrive, grow. Book online at Boston Acupuncture Project dot com.

From 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM:

  • Free acupuncture
  • Chair massage with Imani Massage
  • Clinic tours
  • Wrap up our Spring Fundraiser
  • Learn more about Boston Acupuncture Project.
  • Bonus: join us from 2-3 PM to talk about how BAP is doing, what we’re planning, and how to get more involved!

Please note this is a Sunday. We are packing up at 2 PM, so please arrive early for a free treatment! First come, first served.

If you’re a current or former patient, please consider volunteering!

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