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Have you had a good experience at Boston Acupuncture Project? Would you like to help more people find out about Boston Acupuncture Project, and the benefits of acupuncture? One of the best ways to spread the word – and help us out – is to review BAP online!

When you sit down to write a review, here are some questions you can think about:

  • What got you to try acupuncture at Boston Acupuncture Project?
  • How did you feel when you started coming to acupuncture?
  • How did you feel after getting a few treatments?
  • What was the main benefit you experienced from getting acupuncture at Boston Acupuncture Project?
  • Who do you think should come here to get acupuncture?
  • What would you say to someone who is hesitating about coming to Boston Acupuncture Project?

Another way you can think about writing a review is:

“I started getting acupuncture because [your health concern]. After [a number of] treatments, [here is what changed.]”

For example, you might name an activity that you stopped doing but could start again after getting acupuncture, like a hobby. You can also talk about more basic things that acupuncture helps you with, like taking a walk without pain, or sleeping through the night.

Most people come here because someone in their life told them to come get acupuncture with us. But an online review is the next best thing. You can review us anonymously on our own form, or find Boston Acupuncture Project on any of the following sites:
Google <— our preference!

Thanks for reading and thinking about writing a good review!

(If you did not have a good experience here, please talk to us – or leave anonymous feedback by clicking here.)

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