October 2022 Special Discount for Co-op Members

Co-op Month October 2022 By The Community For The Community Co-ops banner by Shareable.net

October is Co-op Month! To celebrate, BAP offers 20% OFF up to 3 community acupuncture treatments* for co-op members this month.

First Visits for $28 (regularly $35-$65)
Return Visits for $20 (regularly $25-$55)

You can belong to any local co-op (let us know which one!) but we are highlighting our friends at Dorchester Food Co-op.

Dorchester Food Co-op is building a community- and worker-owned grocery store to challenge the traditional food system and instead create an asset that nourishes, employs, and reinvests in the local community.

*treatments/visits being discounted for co-op members are regular community acupuncture treatments in October 2022; this special does not apply to Bubble Blocks and cannot be combined with any other special offers or discounts. Thanks for understanding!

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